Thompson Helps Section

Thompson Helps Section

Thompson Bibles include hundreds of pages of additional study tools, many of which are available in no other Bible. These 75 extra tools make your study easier and more enjoyable, sparing you from needing many other volumes.

Thousands of additional chain-references have been added over the decades. Study any Bible verse and you'll always know where to go next.

Here are some helps that are included:

Index of Chain Topics. Complete listing of over 7,000 marginal topics and reference chains. Most verses are printed out in the Index.

Selected Bible Readings. An arrangement by subject matter of Bible verses suitable for private devotions or public services. Listed are such topics as Death, Gifts from God, Unbelievers, and more.

Revised Concordance. This will help you find any verse, even if you only know a few words. Alphabetical listing of English words found in your Thompson Bible with help numbers linking you to other help sections in your Bible.

Bible Harmonies & Illustrated Studies. Biographical harmonies of Moses, Jesus, and Paul by means of pictorial maps, charts, and outlines. Follow their footprints with Journey Maps, a feature found only in Thompson Chain-Reference Bibles.

Extensive Archaeology Section. Ties modern discoveries to real verses. Contains much factual information on people, places, and things as found in modern excavations.

Bible Marking Guide. Offers you time-tested secrets for keeping your discoveries fresh.

Bible Atlas. Puts you right there, in the holy land, during every biblical period. A series of extremely detailed, color maps, showing Archaeological sites in the holy land, Journeys of the Apostle Paul, the ancient World, Palestine, Jerusalem and others.

Outline Studies of Each Book. Go here first to find out who, what, when, where and why. Devoted to a study of the Bible as a whole, from its earliest beginnings through modern translation and also a complete outline of each Book of the Bible, giving author, theme, and key words. A must-have feature for those involved in teaching.

Dozens of helpful charts. Illustrated with delightful artwork you can study for hours.

Bible Character Studies. Biographical sketches and outline studies of all the major characters of the Bible. Includes early life, divine call, and biblical history.

Bible Glossary. Helps you pronounce and understand Bible terms.

General Index. An alphabetical listing of all topics with connecting numbers.

Harmony of the Gospels. A side-by-side listing of Gospel accounts.

Messianic Prophecies. Prophecies concerning Jesus and their fulfillment.

Portraits of Christ. Christ's character and work as seen by Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, and Revelation.

Topical Treasury. Contains practical helps for Christian workers. Suggests topics to be used at prayer meetings and devotional meetings.

Carry a Thompson, and you'll never be bored again!
You Will Love Your Thompson Bible!
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